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Interior Painting

Interior Paint  used is Dulux 101 Wash and Wear for all interior painting work only, it has a superior washabilty. 

We like to use it because its easy to use and gives a great finish. This product also give low odour. By contacting us on 07 38821760 or 0411604487 we can advise you directly if your home needs to be repainted. Servicing Brisbane Northern Suburbs for the last 30 years.

  • Dulux Designers Silk is a better product which has self leveling qualities for that classy look to your home
All interior painting work we use  Dulux Aquanamel on Doors,  Frames and Skirting,  which has no or little odour, unlike the oil based products still used by many. Also the other advantage by using Dulux Aquanamelis that it doesnt yellow.

  • Interior Painting Tip:  To establish if the paint in your home is still providing the durability that is needed go through the below check list.
  • .dirt marks won't come off the wall and trim, paint surface looks patchy
  • furniture or artwork no longer match the colour / pattern on the walls
  • you see cracks, nail holes, or gaps in the walls and ceilings
  • wallpaper is faded or peeling
  • colours no longer match your tastes or lifestyle

This is normal after about 10 years depending on the amount of occupants in the home.

This just cant be touched up with one coat either because the first coat will be needed to restablish the paint substrate again, and the second will then provide the durabilty to the surface that is required for a good job, that will last.  Of course if there is bare substrate showing this require more preparation

Or get a free Assessment we will give you a report on your home interior and exterior and see what it needs to increase the value of your home.

Perhaps you dont know if your budget will allow to get the whole house painted?

Or perhaps you just want that pesky room painted and just havent got around to painting  it yet?

Paint the full interior of your home and get a Dulux Colour Consultant free. Value $150.00


Or Call us direct on 0411604487 and talk to the Tradesman

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