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Exterior Painting

  • All exterior painitng work we use Dulux Weathershield
  • This product has shown to us to be of good quality and durability, especially on home that are exposed to a lot of weather
  • All exterior painting work is cleaned down with power washing with an Industrial water pressure unit  before any paint is applied.
  • This is to guarantee paint adhesion, and to eliminate or reduce surface contamination.

Exterior Painting Tip

  • To determine if your place home  painting just wip a rag or finger over a smooth painted area, and if paint chalk comes off, then the current paint has lost its protection capabilities, and will need repainting.
  • Or subsequently if green or black mould is on the surface, the current paint system on your home could be losing its water proofing properties and mould could be growing in the old paint surface.
  • colour doesn't enhance the architectural features of the home
  • you can see bare masonry or wood
  • Paint is peeling, cracking or blistering

Or get a free Assessment we will give you a report on your home interior and exterior and see what it needs to increase the value of your home.

Paint the full exterior of your home and get a Dulux Colour Consultant free. Value $150.00


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